Sunday, January 18, 2009

Advertisements on the net

We see advertisements of all sorts on the internet with each page that we access.  I've been watching them throughout the week and the majority that I come across are Apple/ Mac related. When I checked out the Envision website that was suggested in the textbook, I noticed that many apple ads are on that webpage for us students to check out.  I clicked one of the links that took me to an apple computer ad and could read the meaning inside and out. 
Apple, with the particular ad that I was seeing, was obviously trying to audience business men of all shapes and sizes with their different shaped and sized macbooks.  It uses logos because it tells about how the computers are made and gives statistics on the sizes of the memory and the length of the screen, the physical abilities of the computer. Some of the obvious rhetorical strategies were definitely compare and contrast, analogy, and examples.  In these three strategies, it also contributed with a slight sense of humor in that the larger macbook was sitting on the midget's lap, and the over-sized man had the smaller computer.
Another ad that I came across was the very popular, "Got Milk?" ad that is on posters, websites, TV channels, and much more. The publishers of this advertisement are trying to entice their audience of parents, nutritionists, and even the kids!  They use logos when presenting their statistics about calcium and "building strong bones".  Pathos is incorporated with the cute, humorous milky mustaches that the actors have after drinking the milk. This is especially thrown out to the kids because I remember when I was younger wondering how that worked and drinking glass after glass of milk trying to get the same white line above my upper lip. 
Advertisement publishers know what they're doing when they write the ads that are published everyday for various audiences.  They are definitely deeply researched and have more meaning than the regular audience can see without analyzing. These rhetorical strategies are what make the audience interested in the product. 

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