Sunday, January 25, 2009

Visual Rhetoric Image

This image that I have chosen definitely is trying to persuade the audience of something.  The author of this particular image is trying to persuade smokers to quit while they still have time.  The author of this image uses a great appeal of pathos with the shocking yet humorous view of the guy's mouth on the fume pipe.  It's a shocking wakening that the mouth of a smoker is as disgusting and unhealthy as the fume pipe on a bus.  The author is someone obviously that deals with health related topics, especially focusing on diseases caused by smoking.  The audience is obviously focused at being the people in the society who are smokers and even more, heavy smokers.  To me, this image is rather effective because it gives a visual image as to what smoking really does to those who do it.  It doesn't give off a visual as being something healthy and good for a person to do, so I believe that this ad would help reduce the number of smokers in society.

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