Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beautiful Bodies

Chapter ten is all about body rhetoric and what our bodies do not only to our self image but also to what others think about us from first glance.  The chapter ranges from things such as tattoos to how we portray "beauty" from advertisements.  Throughout chapter ten there are ranges of article and stories all about these topics and how we are affected by what image we think we should convey with our bodies.  
One of the first articles is titled "Fat Is an Advertising Issue" by Susie Orbach and I find it to be a very informative and influential article.  Basically, the author is describing how Dove takes a "'real' woman's image" approach in their advertisements so that women aren't compelled to think that they have to look like skinny, beautiful, supermodels in order to use the product.  This is a great tactic! I, personally, find myself looking at ads wondering how I could make myself look like the skinny, perfectly tone women in each ad that I come across. I feel like I could never use the product (for instance if it's clothes - I could never wear the clothes and look as good in them) like they do, so I'm turned off from buying it.  
Taking Dove's approach, if I were to see a girl who had my amount of body fat and weight in an ad, I'd most likely connect with her more and therefore be impelled to buy whatever she was advertising.  I commend Dove for their idea and Ms. Orbach for supporting the whole thing. 
Beauty, as cliche as it sounds, is on the inside; anyone can look the same on the outside. 

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